The judge that is former attorney facing 50-plus years for alleged intercourse crimes

The CI just woke up because her child had entered the space and yelled at Knudsen to quit.

The second filed affidavit alleges that Knudsen was indeed employed by a female to express her during divorce or separation proceedings, and that Knudsen informed her she had to check out “his guidelines. ” If she don’t, he presumably threatened she’d lose custody of her kids.

“(She) told agents that Knudsen repeatedly threatened her using the loss in her instance and her young ones her(attorney), ” the affidavit said if he wasn’t. “He informed her she had to follow along with ‘his rules’ and made her participate in conversations about (her) sex-life. “

Based on the affidavit, Knudsen usually delivered the CI sexually particular texts during summer time of 2018.

Knudsen asked her to take “naked naps” with him and over over and over repeatedly expected questions that are sexual. Knudsen can be purported to have instructed her what to put on, and shared with her never to wear underwear.

On Aug. 15, 2018, the CI came across with Knudsen in their workplace in Torrington. He locked the surface home after she entered, the affidavit stated, and allow her to to their workplace. Knudsen forced the CI to hug him, so when she did, he kissed her in the lips, forced her to touch their penis, and told the CI to “bend over their desk. “

The CI got and refused away, and stated she ended up being “terrified away from my mind, what’s he planning to do in order to me personally? “

Wnuk interviewed another informant in November 2018, whom told him Knudsen had represented her in 2016, saying he started to deliver texts that are inappropriate straight away.

Based on the affidavit, Knudsen asked her to hug him – and got aggressive whenever she spurned their improvements. The CI stated that Knudsen constantly locked and closed their home if they came across in their workplace, and wanted her to hug him.

“CI relented and hugged him it was the only way he would let her leave the office, ” the affidavit said because she thought. “SA Wnuk asked with him. If she thought ‘something bad’ would take place in their locked workplace, and she reacted, ‘every time I happened to be'”

Knudsen proceeded to text the CI images of horses and their property, while saying he “wanted to marry me personally, he had been dropping in love with me, ” the CI stated. ” exactly just What can you state for this individual? You are in a lawsuit for $36,000, ” the CI told Wnuk. “Here’s someone you want. “

Once the CI declined Knudsen’s invites to supper, texts through the lawyer became “aggressive, ” the affidavit said.

“(She) summarized the texts as ‘I’m able to cause you to or break you’ forms of texts, ” the affidavit stated. “He goes from threatening, where he is crazy, to pathetic, to therefore sweet, but none of it works. “

Knudsen even went as far as to print away photos regarding the CI and inform individuals these were dating, also to text the CI’s buddy to attempt to persuade the CI to “give him an opportunity. “

Another CI told Wnuk whether she reached orgasm while having sex, and therefore he liked her locks because ‘it ended up being beneficial to pulling during intercourse. That she had retained Knudsen in 2016, and during the period of the second almost a year, her conferences with Knudsen “involved intimate subjects, such as for example how many times she had intercourse, what positions she liked, ‘

“(She) indicated her vexation during the matter that is subject and Knudsen became really upset, threatened to cease representing her and informed her she’d lose her situation without him, ” the affidavit stated. “(She) told Wnuk she ceased objecting from then on, and felt it. Like she needed to endure”

Once more, Knudsen allegedly attempted to get intercourse for appropriate solutions.

He lesbian girls big boobs declined to provide the CI a bill, the affidavit said, and Knudsen informed her he “takes care of their unique consumers. “

Into the autumn of 2016, Knudsen asked the CI to come quickly to their house for conferences in the place of his workplace, since they both had to work, and “portrayed it as a matter of convenience, ” the papers said.

Through the meetings, he’d require hugs, as soon as it was allowed by the CI, Knudsen allegedly kissed her regarding the lips and utilized their tongue. The affidavit stated Knudsen touched the CI’s breasts and buttocks over her clothes times that are several.

Knudsen, in their capability as municipal judge, allegedly sentenced a guy to 15 times in prison more than a dog-at-large ticket – and attempted to seduce the person’s spouse, who was simply additionally one of his true customers.

The wife, whom became an informant, had retained Knudsen’s solutions as protection counsel for a medication fee. Knudsen had represented the CI whenever her young ones had been taken from her house due to the drug cost.

Once the CI went along to Knudsen’s workplace between March 2017 and September 2018, as opposed to speaking about the CI’s case, Knudsen steered the discussion to unrelated improper subjects.

“‘He would ask me personally exactly exactly how my wedding is, exactly just just how my relationship is, ‘” the CI told Wnuk. “‘Telling me personally to keep my hubby, after which speaing frankly about being with strippers, and achieving this and that. “

The CI also alleged that Knudsen invited her to a cabin in Guernsey.

Based on the affidavit, Knudsen inappropriately touched the CI right after a hearing in October 2017, while nevertheless into the courtroom.

“Knudsen ‘said I did good task, after which slapped me personally regarding the butt, ‘” the CI told Wnuk.

The CI’s spouse ended up being upset by the work. The CI additionally revealed her husband a few texts that are inappropriate Knudsen, that also upset him.

“‘He hates my better half, ‘” the CI told Wnuk. “He wished to get beside me. “

As regional lawyers and judges have recused by themselves through the instance, Knudsen showed up before a judge that is visiting Albany County earlier in April. Thomas Lee, Circuit Judge when it comes to First Judicial District, released Knudsen under their own recognizance.

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