Our Tale

CBD has been utilized within our household since 2016, as being a normal substitute for over-the-counter and/or prescribed medications to deal with all sorts of symptoms and afflictions.

Shayda ended up being wanting to get over an auto-pedestrian accident in Austin whenever she was initially introduced to your overall health properties of CBD.

“In 2016, being a pedestrian, I became struck by an automobile, leaving me having a fractured sacrum, pelvis and nose that is fractured. For months we experienced a number of PT remedies. I was using steroid injections for a weekly foundation, nevertheless the discomfort lingered. Whenever my physician recommended surgery, my mom suggested we take to CBD first.

My mom had been researching CBD being a remedy that is natural pain alleviation. And when she discovered she started giving me CBD lotions, tinctures, and vapes to consume this ‘fairly new to market’ natural herb that it also promoted bone growth and could help with the healing process.

After taking CBD for a month or two, we started initially to spot the discomfort had been gone from my pelvis. After that, the Torabi family members has utilized CBD to aid provide recovery and data recovery also to promote your overal wellness everyday through constant low dosage consumption.”

Through that time, we encountered the frustration of finding quality hemp that is organic from trusted vendors. And also as a household of athletes, staying in Texas, we desired a product that is legal Zero THC. Realizing hardly any pure services and products existed in the forex market, we chose to produce our very own.

After months of research and making most of the connections needed seriously to deliver a caliber that is high, RESTART CBD was created.

We make use of a pure CBD isolate inside our Signature goods Line (Replenish, heal, unwind and Repair) derived from naturally grown hemp that is industrial CO2 removal, third party lab evaluating for quality, and organic components.

RESTART CBD is Austin’s first locally handcrafted CBD that is organic wellness started by two siblings, Shayda and Sydney Torabi.

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